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Why Is My Hair So Staticy

It’s now more than a year since I started DIY’ing. Well, it has fit into my routine for some time now. I mean, it is really nice to use your own home based products. Stay out of chemicals and junky products. Why is my hair so staticy? Yeah, that’s why DIY Hair products are best suited to clean up the market mess.

Though that’s not the primary reason. But do make a note on certain cosmetic companies which can be out of business if DIY hair products gain more traffic.

Why to DIY Hair Products?

I prefer making use of DIY hair products in order to simplify my life, my health, and my budget. You would already know there is a multi-billion dollar industry focused on your hair and beauty needs. It sounds weird if you ask me.

The market holders share all nonsense on claiming their product to be result oriented and nature-friendly. But, when it comes to actual evaluation based on customer feedback, you would rarely find a market product making out the best for your skin and health.

Simply put, DIY products can lead to a total transformation as in terms of the end result with lesser toxics and fewer dollars out of your pocket. If you want to answer “Why is my hair so staticy”, you need to ditch the market shampoo as I did an year ago.

And, the results are worth breathtaking if you believe me with the DIY products. I do prefer using natural/organic store-bought product at times but that’s only when I can trust the product. Having said that, I prefer rather using DIY products that are home-made, totally natural, and result yielding.

Try out some DIY hair product recipes

  • 2-Ingredient DIY Dry Shampoo

Are you tired of how to stay clean without showering every day? COme on, Chill. Even I don’t like to take a bath so frequently. You might have heard that you wash essential oils off your body when you use water on your hair and body every day. So, try this 2-Ingredient Red & Honey based dry shampoo that will clean up your hair strains perfectly without water.

  • Homemade Hair Gel

Still paying loads of money to buy that trash from your cosmetic store!! Boom. Get hold of simple tips to prepare a homemade gel that will save both your Money and Hair. USE a gealtine-distilled water-based hair gel that will help you refix your hair without feeding any toxic chemicals on your hair. Flaxseed-Aloe vera gel is one of the other options you can ponder upon.  

There are other DIY hair products too that can solve your question “Why is my hair so staticy”. Natural Hairspray or Homemade shampoo or moisturizing hair treatments are the forthcoming DIY hair product solutions to chemical trash available in the cosmetic stores. Be a Homemaker rather than buying from outside.


Ashok is an Indian citizen who is currently residing in the United States. he holds a Diploma in Education . A Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies from San francisco university and a Master of Arts in Eductaion from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He is currently working in a similar field in the United States.

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